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In line with its Bumiputera Agenda, the Government has set a policy on participation of Bumiputera companies in the online poker private table with friends Project.,blackjack unblocked free

For the Kajang Line (previously known as Sungai Buloh-Kajang Line), the target set was at least 43 percent of the value of all contracts would be awarded to Bumiputera companies. It must also cover participation of Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Grade G1, G2, G3 and G4 Bumiputera Contractors.,online poker website with friends

As at 30 September 2016, 42 out of 85 work packages for the Kajang Line had been awarded to Bumiputera contractors, with a total value of RM10.52 billion.,private room poker online

This amounted to 50% of the total awarded contract value for the Kajang Line, surpassing the target set.,play blackjack with friends app

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play88 poker online,The target for Bumiputera participation in the Putrajaya Line was increased to 45% from 43% for the Kajang Line.

As at 30 September 2016, a total of RM11.8 billion worth of contracts had been awarded to Bumiputera contractors. This amounted to 47% of the total value of work packages awarded at that time.,free roulette online ipad

royal spins free slots,online poker private table with friends Corp has also expanded the categories of companies to be awarded contracts to include those in Grades G5 and G6. Another change was the addition of Underground Works Package.

play practice ultimate texas holdem free,A total of RM900 million of contracts have been allocated, with 36 out of 66 work packages set aside for Bumiputera contractors.

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Item Description Goverment Target For Bumiputera (A) Packages Awarded To Date (B) Packages Awarded To Date (C) Packages Awarded to Date to Bumiputera (D) Bumiputera Package yet to Be Awarded (E) Final Bumiputera Package (F)
Nos RM (Mil) Nos RM (Mil) Nos RM (Mil) Nos RM (Mil) Nos RM (Mil) Nos RM (Mil)
1 Advance Works 22 174 12 91 10 83 10 83
2 Guideway* 3 1,350 8 7,471 4 3,620 4 3,851 4 3,851
 i – Stations 3 490 8 1 7 7
 ii – Centralized Procurement 17 8 9 9
3 Non-Civil Works/ Systems 1,800 13 4,054 12 2,734 1 1,320 1 1,320
4 Depot 1 400 2 582 2 582 2 582
5 Multi-Storey Carpark 9 270 6 612 6 612 6 612
6 Underground Works (UGW) 0.5 4,250 1 8,229 0.5 4,155 0.5 4.074 0.5 4,074
7 i – Centralized Procurement 7 4 3 3
8 Linkway 1 104 1 104
Total 16.5 8,560 85 21,226 42.5 10,704 42.5 10,522 42.5 10,522
Item Description No of Packages (%) Value of Contract (%) Remarks
a Packages Awarded Todate to Bumiputera vs Packages Awarded Todate (D/B) 50% 50% Government Target for Bumiputera is 43% of the Packages Awarded Todate (including G1-G4)
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ItemDescriptionGovernment Target For Bumiputera
(RM Mil)
Work Packages Awarded To Date
(RM Mil)
Work Packages Awarded To Date To Bumiputera
(RM Mil)
A.Overall Bumiputera Participation
1Advance Works374164
2Underground Works15,4707,735
3Elevated Civil Works
i) Viaduct9,4313,482*
ii) Stations (NSC)2,0441,290
iii) Designated Suppliers (DS)388229
iv) Designated Contractors (DC)64780
5Multi Storey Park & Ride6057
6System Works4,6431,684
Total Contract Sum:11,89133,50915,173
7Adjustment for PC Sum(2,522)(1,100) **
Adjusted Total Contract Sum (A):30,98714,073
Value of Contract For Bumiputera% Over total Awarded Sum:45%
% Over total TC Contract Sum:46%
B.G1 - G6 Allocation (3rd Tier)
1G1 - G4 Bumiputera Contractor153
2G5 - G6 Bumiputera Contractor162
Total Contract Sum (B) :315
C.Others Bumiputera Participation (2nd & 3rd Tier)
1Direct awarded by TC10
2Direct awarded by WPC92
Total Contract Sum (C):102
TC's Achievement on Bumiputera Participation for all tiersTotal Sum (Item A + B + C) :14,490
% Over total Awarded Sum:47%
% Over total TC Contract Sum:48%

* Contract value inclusive PC Sum
** PC Sum value for NSC, DC & DS
TC Turn Key Contractor

Note:,blackjack online for fun unblocked

1. TC agreement signed dated 17 January 2020, TC allocation for Bumiputera contractor is RM200M for CIDB Grade G1 to G4 and RM200M for CIDB Grade G5 to G6.)
2. Multistorey Park & Ride awarder by TC, packages all allocated to Bumiputera Contractor.
3. Advance works targeted 2 packages but awarded 5 packages to Bumiputera (AW1, AW2, JKR CSL, Kraf C & Sg. Besi PQ)
4. Underground 50% JV Bumiputera
5. SBG202, DPT203 & EAC201 open category but awarded to Bumiputera
6. System min. 35% Bumiputera participation (SY201, SY203, SY204 & SY207 = 35% / SY202=40%/SY205=40%/SY206=60%). Exceeded Government target already.
7. PC Sum adjustment applies to all Viaduct Packages, Depot Building and Underground.
8. Government Target for Bumiputera is 45% of the Package Awarded To date.

ItemDescription No (%)Amount (%)Remarks
a Packages Awarded Todate to Bumiputera vs Packages Awarded Todate (D/B) (Adjusted Sum)44%45%Government Target for Bumiputera is 45% of the Package Awarded Todate
b Packages Awarded To date to Bumiputera vs Government Target to Bumiputera (D/A) (Adjusted Sum)56%117%
c Forecast Final Bumiputera Package vs Government Target for Bumiputera (F/A) (Adjusted Sum)103%122%